On Stage Set or on Location


The health and safety of every cast and crew member is of primary importance on every production. Studies have shown that when illnesses and injuries are treated within the first hour, patient recovery time improves, and lost production time is reduced.

Adults and Pediatrics

Throughout my medical career I have cared for many children, I provide all children with the best medical care possible. I am someone who takes time to listen to parents’ concerns and the time to examine children with attention to every detail.

Professional Technical Consulting

If you need to know the difference between an electro-cardiogram and a defibrillator, I can advise you. I can also provide authentic emergency and hospital room prop placement, settings or scenery.

  • Explain Medical Procedures

  • Dictate Medical Terminology

  • and more

My role as a Technical Consultant is to create authentic medical/hospital/home care scenes, including make-up and prop placement. I can advise on elements of a hospital or accident scenes construction, and on proper use of medical terminology for dialog accuracy.


Please contact me anytime for a resume and references. You can contact me by using the E-MAIL: link or give me a call at the numbers listed. Have a nice day and I hope to hear from you soon.